Mentoring Reference Group

Having successfully run a CAPHIA mentoring program for a number of years we are now establishing a Mentoring Reference Group to guide the maturation of this highly valued offering. Representatives from member institutions are warmly invited to express their interest in establishing this new Reference Group. The Mentoring Reference Group is chaired by Dr Julie Saunders from University of Western Australia and we are seeking approximately 6 individuals.

What does this entail?

  • Meeting virtually (email and zoom every 6 weeks or so);
  • Contributing to development of the 2022+ Mentoring Program including review of previous programs and formation of the new structure,
  • Contributing development of training and support materials and related promotions, reports, publications,
  • Bringing enthusiasm and a diversity of experiences and perspectives for developing individuals through becoming a mentee or a mentor.

Can I be on the Reference Group and still take part in the Mentoring Program?

Yes. Mentor Reference Group member are eligible to become mentees and/or mentors however they will not participate in the process of pairing mentees and mentors.

Am I eligible?

All staff and current students from our 40 member institutions are warmly invited to apply. We are seeking diversity to represent our wonderfully broad profession.

How do I submit?

Complete this short EOI form including a short bio (150 words maximum) and what you can bring to the Reference Group complete.


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