Competency Renewal Project

The Third Edition of the CAPHIA Competencies is under development

The development of the Third Editon of the CAPHIA Competencies is led by the CAPHIA Competencies Renewal Steering Committee, co-Chaired by Professor Melissa Graham and Dr Nathan Dawes. The Steering Committee is also supported by a Stakeholder Group, Advisory Group and the CAPHIA Board of Directors.  

The Steering Committee is taking a 3-staged research approach to characterise the competencies [knowledge, skills, attributes] required by public health graduates to effectively contribute to the workforce and meet existing and emergent public health by:

  1. Identifying and synthesising competencies required by public health graduates to address current and future public health requirements ➡ informed by comprehensive interviews with diverse stakeholders
  2.  Developing a preliminary framework mapping graduate competencies that may allow them to contribute to Australia’s public health workforce effectively ➡ informed by existing competency frameworks
  3. Establishing validity and conduct a formative evaluation of a national competency framework for public health graduates ➡ informed by a modified Delphi process.
Competencies Renewal Steering Committee
  • Professor Melissa Graham, La Trobe University (co-Chair)
  • Dr Nathan Dawes, James Cook University (co-Chair)
  • Associate Professor Christina Severinsen, Massey University
  • Associate Professor Hannah Wechkunanukul, Torrens University Australia
  • Dr Sumer May Finlay, Woolongong University
  • Dr Irene Samos, Divine Word University
  • Etu Baku, University of Papua New Guinea
  • Litia Makutu, Fiji National University 
  • Associate Professor Jane Taylor, University of Sunshine Coast
  • Dr Louise Clark, University of Tasmania
  • Dr Rimante Ronto, Macquarie University
  • Dr Kristen Beek, University of New South Wales
  • Holly Donaldson, CAPHIA Executive Director
  • Casey Yates, CAPHIA Membership and Advocacy Coordinator
Competencies Renewal Advisory Group
  • Associate Professor Katherine Baldock, University of South Australia & CAPHIA Director
  • Dr Daniel Demant, University of Technology Sydney & CAPHIA Director
  • Honorary Professor Lois Myer, University of New South Wales
  • Honorary Associate Professor Leanne Coombe, University of Queensland
Competencies Renewal Stakeholder Group
  • Professor Andrew Hayden, University of Technology Sydney
  • Associate Professor Hassan Hosseinzadeh, University of Wollongong
  • Associate Professor Catherine MacPhail, University of Wollongong
  • Dr Sabi Kahle, Central Queensland University
  • Dr Leesa Costello, Edith Cowan University
  • Dr Tan Nguyen, Deakin University
  • Dr Biswajit Banik, Federation University
  • Scott-Hanson-Easey, The University of Adelaide
  • Dr Zahra Aziz, Monash University
  • Dr Bwana Gupta, Torrens University Australia
  • Dr Edward Jegasothy, University of Sydney
  • Dr Abrah Ahmad Chughtai, University of New South Wales


Project Outcomes

The Competency renewal Project will aim to:

  • Develop a contemporary best practice public health competency framework for Australasia
  • Raise awareness of CAPHIA, academic public health and public health more broadly;
  • Increase the standing of CAPHIA in the international community;
  • Increase partnerships and connections within the broader public health community for the betterment of the communities we serve.


Further Reading

  • Read more about the review of the current edition here.
  • Read the CAPHIA Competencies Report here
  • Read about implications for curricular design here.

Regular updated about the renewal are shared in the CAPHIA Newsletter.

Second Edition (current)


The second edition of the Foundation Competencies for Public Health Graduates is now available.


The second edition of the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Public Health Curriculum Framework document is now available.


First Edition


Foundation Competencies for Master of Public Health Graduates in Australia from the Australian Network of Academic Public Health Institutions (ANAPHI), September 2009. This document describes the baseline set of competencies expected of a graduate from a Master of Public Health (MPH) program in Australia. It is offered as a guide to academic teaching programs for MPH program curriculum development.