CAPHIA Board of Directors Election 2022: Voting now open

The Council of Academic Public Health Institutions Australasia (CAPHIA) received four (4) nominations for three (3) Board Directors to be elected by Members. We are now inviting Full CAPHIA Members to cast their votes. 

Voting Rules.

  1. All current financial Full Member institutions of CAPHIA are eligible to vote for those nominated for the CAPHIA Board of Directors
  2. The Head of School, CAPHIA representative or their nominated delegate may cast the vote.
  3. Each current financial Full Member institution of CAPHIA will only be eligible to cast one vote. The first eligible vote received will be considered the vote of the member institution.
  4. Votes received from non-financial member institutions or affiliate member institutions will not be considered valid.
  5. All votes must be cast by completing the online form below.
  6. Voting is open Wednesday 26th October 2022 until Wednesday 9th November 2022. 
  7. Any questions regarding this voting guideline or the voting process must be emailed to . We will respond as quickly as possible.
  8. Decisions regarding this voting process will be made by a quorum of the current membership of the CAPHIA Board of Directors or in the absence of a quorum by the Chair. Any members of the current Board of Directors nominated for re-election will be excused from this decision-making process as a result of their conflict of interest.
  9. The Chair of the CAPHIA Board of Directors will present the outcomes of this voting process to the Annual General Meeting on 15 November 2022. 

See the Nominee Profile and vote below. 

Nominee Profiles

Dr Julie Saunders

Deputy Head of School (Education)
University of Western Australia

Why Julie would like to be considered

As the Deputy Head of School (Education) at the School of Population and Global Health (SPGH) at The University of Western Australia, I believe I have the requisite background, experience and passion to make a valuable contribution to the CAPHIA Board of Directors. As a previous member of the CAPHIA Executive and having been involved with CAPHIA through various projects over an extended period, I have an excellent understanding of CAPHIA’s purpose and core business, and believe my skills outlined below will assist CAPHIA in achieving their objectives.

Skills and experience Julie can contribute to the CAPHIA Board of Directors

I have a wealth of experience in learning and teaching and comprehend the challenges associated with contemporary issues including developing a competent public health workforce, the need to increase and improve online delivery in the current climate and the demands of balancing teaching, research and service. As the previous course coordinator of public health postgraduate programs at SPGH, I have extensive knowledge and understanding of current issues in delivering public health programs in the tertiary sector. I also have considerable experience and knowledge around issues associated with accreditation, something that is currently topical among public health educators. I have been involved in program development nationally through my contribution to competency mapping and development of public health competencies for CAPHIA. I was also a member of CAPHIA competencies review working group, have served as a mentor in the CAPHIA mentoring program, and was a member of the CAPHIA Executive Committee. I have an excellent understanding of learning and teaching policies and processes, having served on various Faculty and School level committees and Academic Board. I have experience of judging panels for excellence in teaching awards and am myself the recipient of a number of teaching awards including the CAPHIA Commendation for Excellence and Innovation in Public Health teaching (2015). Further, I have experience with committees external to the University, and have previously held the roles of committee member, Secretary and Co-President of the Western Australian branch of the Australian Health Promotion Association (AHPA). My role as Co-President involved sitting on the National Executive of AHPA. With this experience, I believe I can make a positive contribution to the CAPHIA Executive and look forward to working with my colleagues in pursuing the vision, mission and objectives of CAPHIA.

Julie’s university profile

Dr Daniel Demant

Senior Lecturer, Course Director (Bachelor of Health Science)
University of Technology Sydney


Why Daniel would like to be considered

I am an epidemiologist and Senior Lecturer in the School of Public Health at UTS with a passion for public health education and research. I enjoy engaging students and the health workforce in gaining a deeper understanding of science, health research, and how it applies to our diverse society. Education needs to enable young people to understand scientific evidence and reasoning, and to apply critical thinking to advance our society.

My goal is to create a cooperative learning environment where students benefit from a shared learning experience as well as the knowledge and experience of academics. To enable building and maintaining these environments, teachers and schools need strong support systems that go beyond the capabilities of universities and their individual systems. Organisations like CAPHIA are an important aspect in building the foundation of such systems and assure the quality and reputation of public health education in Australasia. In my current role I have experienced the importance of the advice and work of organisations like CAPHIA first hand. I would like to bring my experience and expertise to CAPHIA to strengthen the sustainability and innovativeness of public health education in Australasia in an increasingly challenging and complex environment.


What skills and experience can Daniel bring to the CAPHIA Board of Directors

Since 2020, I am the Course Director for the Bachelor of Health Science and recognised as a leader in teaching and learning in the School of Public Health; prior to my appointment to this role I was acting in the role of Director of Studies for postgraduate and undergraduate degrees in the school. I have and continue to play a leading role in the successful review, renewal and restructure of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in public health including the introduction of majors in the areas of health promotion, public health and Indigenous Health. In my work, I ensure that our teaching and learning am strategies are consistent with the needs of the industry and the changing nature of public health.

I was a member of the UTS Academic Board where I focused on the challenges faced by early and mid-career academics and a holistic integration of teaching and research. I am an active member of public health organisations, including the PHAA and the Australian Red Cross, and gained extensive experience serving on the board of small and large organisations. As a city councillor, I gained an in-depth understanding of working in complex situations and multiple competing stakeholders.

Working with CAPHIA and participating in CAPHIA-organised events and offerings, I gained a sound understanding of the vision and objectives of CAPHIA to promote public health education, research and service, and promote and improve the profile of public health within society and academia.


Daniel’s university profile

Associate Professor Aziz Rahman

Research Adviser and Discipline Leader of Public Health
Federation University Australia


Why Aziz would like to be considered

I am nominating for the first time in this leadership role at CAPHIA. With my extensive academic and leadership experience of working at different Australian universities, I do believe that I can contribute to this peak organisation representing public health teaching, research and workforce development in Australasia.

I am a Public Health Physician and fortunate to be a well-respected academic leader within the domain of public health. For the last 15 years, I provided leadership in both teaching and research in public health. I have been working with Federation University Australia as the Discipline Leader of Public Health and the Research Adviser with the Institute of Health and Wellbeing. I have published 120+ refereed research papers in multidisciplinary journals including the topmost medical journals. My current h-index is 40 with 37,000+ citations. I was listed as one of the world’s top 2% scientists in 2020 and top 1% scientists in 2021 in the subfield of ‘General and Internal Medicine’. I have been working as an Editorial Board Member of several international public health journals. I felt that I could contribute further for improving public health education and research at Australasian universities through this position at CAPHIA.

Besides my academic role, I am actively involved with multicultural communities in Australia. I have been working with the relevant community leaders for different health promotion activities. Having a leadership role at CAPHIA, it will surely enhance partnership with local communities and leaders in Australia. In addition, I have extensive network with international partners in academia and research, which could be leveraged further through this leadership role at CAPHIA.


Skills and experience Aziz can contribute to the CAPHIA Board of Directors

Being a migrant public health professional, who started his journey as an international student in Australia, I am aware of the issues faced by the international students and multicultural communities including social, cultural and health issues. I can bring that unique experience besides my other governance and leadership skills to CAPHIA Board.

My credibility in academia and research are demonstrated by the continued publications in different high-quality international peer-reviewed journals involving multidisciplinary teams nationally and internationally. Therefore, I can contribute to relevant discussions and concerns in advocating better education and research in Australasian universities.

I have been working with Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA) since 2009. I have been working as one of the Board Members for the second term and Co-Convenor for the Health Promotion SIG for the last three terms at PHAA. Besides regular activities, I led several policy updates relevant to health promotion and served as a mentor with PHAA. I can also be involved as an advocate for relevant policy changes through CAPHIA for development of public health professionals in Australasia.

I have been demonstrating my leadership, technical abilities and engagement with industry and research partners in Australia and internationally with the ultimate aim to advance knowledge and good practice to improve health outcomes for local, national and global communities. I have been involved in different leadership roles in my academic career and equipped with skills in managing diverse range of professionals besides making strategic decisions. In addition, I am also regarded as a team player which resulted in different success stories. I can bring those skills to the CAPHIA Board.


Aziz’s university profile

Associate Professor Christopher Fisher

Academic Course Coordinator & Director of Teaching & Learning
Victoria University Online


Why Christopher would like to be considered

Associate Professor Christopher M Fisher has spent his academic career advancing public health education, research and workforce development. He has worked in both undergraduate and postgraduate programs and conducted extensive sector and community-based research in the field.

Dr Fisher embodies the goals of capacity building and skills development through his collaborative work ethic. A cornerstone of Dr Fisher’s academic work has been the continual improvement processes that inform development of public health education in line with the highest evidence-based standards. Dr Fisher is a lifelong advocate of public health learning, teaching and research.

Dr Fisher has a passion to support the ongoing development of students and practitioners in public health. Whether through the dissemination of his research in adolescent sexual health, the design of new and innovative public health education or working collaboratively to support and advocate for public health, he is always seeking new ways to contribute to the public health community.

A role on the Board of Directors of CAPHIA would serve as a next step in providing his unique perspective on public health education to the broader Australasian community of member institutions. He has extensive experience serving in similar leadership roles and can draw on formative experiences in the US public health education sector to collaborative take the next steps in realizing CAPHIAs vision and mission.

Dr Fisher’s work and passions align with the vision, mission and objectives of CAPHIA. He’s leadership and public health teaching and research experience has prepared him for a role as a member of the Board of Directors.


Skills and experience Christopher cam contribute to the CAPHIA Board of Directors

Associate Professor Christopher M Fisher has nearly 20 years of experience leading and teaching in tertiary public health education. He currently serves as the Academic Course Coordinator and Director of Teaching and Learning at Victoria University (VU) Online managing the high-quality end-to-end delivery of the Master and Graduate Certificate programs in public health. In addition, he leads the curricular and pedagogical development of public health offerings. Prior to this, Dr Fisher oversaw teaching and learning at the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society where he led the development of a specialized Graduate Certificate in Sex, Health and Society as well as oversaw the professional development of over 20 PhD and Master students. Dr Fisher’s debut in Australia occurred at Curtin University as a Senior Lecturer in Health Promotion and served as the Teaching Lead for Public Health, Nutrition and Sexology managing a teaching team of nearly 50 academic staff. Prior to this, he was an associate professor at University of Nebraska Medical Center in the US working in health promotion education and developing numerous new units. Other academic appointments have included Indiana University and San Francisco State University.

In addition to his lengthy service in public health academia, Dr Fisher has maintained an active role in external leadership activities including: Treasurer and Membership Chair for the Sexual Health Society of Victoria, consultant to a number of public health sector initiatives nationally and locally (e.g., WA Department of Health, VIC Department of Health), board member for the Nebraska AIDS Project, chair of the HIV/AIDS section of the American Public Health Association and many others. These community and sector based roles have provided many opportunities to connect the teaching of public health with real-world practice. Combined, these experiences make Dr Fisher an ideal candidate for the CAPHIA Board of Directors.


Christopher’s university profile

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