2022 Award Winner: University of Queensland

CAPHIA Award for Teaching Innovation (Team)

The CAPHIA Teaching Innovation Award recognises creative and unique methodologies that generate impacts from the perspective of significant stakeholders in public health, especially in developing and implementing innovations that impact teaching, learning and assessment or supporting student learning.

The award for Teaching Innovation (Team) was presented to the University of Queensland. The UQ team implemented a nested assessment structure as a framework to deepen reflexive insight and self-evaluation among students. This directly aligns with professional competencies centring on graduate abilities to demonstrate critically reflexive practice while promoting safe learning environments through scaffolding reflexivity. The team applied reflexivity with a novel approach to multi-stage assessment and feedback loops, with student feedback on the reflexive assessment approach indicating a transformative impact.

The Team

Associate Professor Sheleigh Lawler

Dr Amy Hickman

Dr Britta Wigginton

Mrs Rebecca Johnson

Mrs Rebecca Johnson and Dr Amy Hickman, representatives of the team who received the CAPHIA Teaching Innovation Award

CAPHIA Award winners were announced at the 2022 AGM and Heads of Schools Summit on November 15, 2022